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Every Child Counts Summer 2024 Mission

Upcoming dates: May 25 - June 1, 2024

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The mission trip for young adults and graduating seniors in high school this year will be to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas. We will be staying at a special needs school called Every Child Counts. Here we have built a residence building and a staff building there that can accommodate 26 of us.


The work we will be doing includes maintaining the buildings, painting, and helping the kids with their various vocations such as landscape design, soap making, painting and other projects they draw up for us. We’ve been visiting this location for 22 years and have never left without feeling loved and appreciated. 

We will have a fun day per the group request and many evenings we will visit the beautiful beaches and waters surrounding the island. At night, we reflect on the day and come together as a community.


We will need adult assistance for our team's mission work, with a ratio of one adult per six kids. The cost of the trip will be discussed, and we will consider whether you would like to help raise funds or pay your own way.


May 27 - June 3 

Cost $450

The trip costs are generally around $700 per student, which is offset by fundraising activities/donations to lower the total cost to the students.

​Open to Graduating High School Seniors and up

Check out Every Child Counts at their website:



Which dates can you attend?

* First name must be exactly as it appears on passport!

Passport must be valid for 6 months!

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